Counter is a simple and easy to use tally counter app. Use this tally counter to count all sort of things. Add one to the count or subtract one from it by tapping plus or minus buttons. The count is clearly visible in the middle. You can change the colour theme of the app and turn the sound and vibration on or off if you wish. Counting and keeping count is very very easy with this beatuiful piece of art tally counter app. Try it!

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BeGrateful4 is an easy to use app that reminds you about the things in life that you feel important and worthy of being grateful. By being grateful for the small things you can attract more good things in your life.

This app helps you to remember even the smallest things that you should remember to be grateful. And the best part? You can customise the items or reasons of gratitude to be exactly yours, because you are your own life’s best expert to say what is important and what you should be grateful for.

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This app is an easy way to calculate your age in years, months and days. You can also see how many days there are until your next birthday. You see also the weekday of the day you were born as well as the weekday of your next birthday.

With this app it is very easy to share your current age to your friends and remind them about your upcoming birthday. You can also share the birthday card shown on your birthday. Have a great time using the app.

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